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  1. well thought out when postpositive carefully planned

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Example Sentences

The judge in the case, Matthew Cooper, is “a man of strong ideas, most of them very well thought out,” says Hennessey.

“Governor Romney has international experience and a well-thought out world view,” said Grenell.

Bush's snap authorization, moreover, had by then transmogrified into a well thought-out plan.

“They had a very well thought out and detailed plan,” says Masood.

“America is a well-thought-out country,” one political aide told me.

The question was so intelligent and so well thought out that the lieutenant said to him: 'What were you before the war?'

It was a delightful dinner, well thought out between the host and head-waiter, but no one wished to linger over it.

She knows exactly what she wants to do, and the lines of her scheme are broad and well thought out.

The priest saw this, and waited for the answer which he felt sure would be well thought out before it found expression.

It meant that a well-thought-out plan was to be accomplished.