1. (of a path, route, etc) much frequented or used by walkers, travellers, etc

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Example Sentences

As has been well-trodden at this point, the lyrics to this classic duet are quite concerning.

Though the idea of parsing meaning from hip-hop is new, the link between music and mental health is well-trodden ground.

A stone mosque built not long after the city became a well-trodden passageway still stands as a central attraction in the town.

Evans has a few choice quips for spotting and avoiding the well-trodden, souvenir-shop-lined tourist routes.

The Tudor period is well-trodden ground in historical fiction and I admit I picked this book up wearily, thinking I knew it all.

After looking around to see if an enemy was near, he started up the well-trodden trail through the narrow river valley.

The deer and moose were in their well-trodden "yards," for the snow was deep.

Excepting the small portion used as an entrance-porch, the verandas were left without any better flooring than well-trodden snow.

The trend of its chapters, from the cat to "Emeline," was a well-trodden and ever-entertaining way.

The snow was well-trodden on the drive, so that it did not wet their feet, but on the trees and shrubs it hung soft and white.


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