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[ wel-wawrn, -wohrn ]


  1. showing the effects of extensive use or wear:

    well-worn carpets.

  2. trite, hackneyed, or stale:

    a well-worn saying.

  3. fittingly or becomingly worn or borne:

    a well-worn reserve that never seems haughty.



  1. so much used as to be affected by wear

    a well-worn coat

  2. used too often; hackneyed

    a well-worn phrase

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Word History and Origins

Origin of well-worn1

First recorded in 1615–25
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Example Sentences

In Admiralty, Thomas, a student at the University of Hong Kong, shared a few well-worn words.

I am carrying a well-worn satchel fashioned out of a recycled plastic tarp.

Like a  patchwork quilt we can cherry pick from the holiday the parts that nurture our well worn hearts.

He keeps the papal Mercedes parked in the Vatican garage and insists on tooling around Rome in well-worn 1984 Renault.

Simple: not merely because it was wrong, but because it was wrong in such familiar-sounding and well-worn ways.

The well-worn aphorism of the Frenchman, “History repeats itself,” was about to assert itself.

Her "St. Agnes" is an interesting rendering of a well-worn subject.

A piece of well-worn matting lay upon the floor, and there were two chairs, a table, and a number of empty tea-chests in the room.

A well-worn stairway, trodden by the feet of pious generations, leads to subterranean galleries of considerable extent.

Placing together a well-worn book, a lamp, and a pair of heavy bowed spectacles makes a suggestive picture.