[ wel-er ]


  1. Thomas Huck·le [huhk, -, uh, l], 1915–2008, U.S. physician: Nobel Prize in medicine 1954.

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According to Weller, many people, particularly those caring for family members, will say, “Oh, I’m just spending time with my mom” — they just happen to feed, bathe, and supervise all their daily needs while doing so.

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So Frese set out to find that 500th win for Weller, asking permission for the former coach to take over the Terrapins for one more game.

Television analyst Christy Winters-Scott, a Terrapin under Weller, remembers Frese offering a ride home with the team from Michigan after Winters-Scott was in danger of missing senior day as coach of the South Lakes High girls’ team.

Nineteen seasons later, Frese sits at 498 wins, with a game Thursday at home against Wisconsin that could bring her even with Weller.

The savvy forger with Pappy empties to fill might get his hands on some Old Weller and present it as its more illustrious cousin.

“I was blown back in my chair,” a female producer tells Weller.

“I remember distinctly his response when I visited him and presented him with the files,” Weller told The Daily Beast.

Ray Bradbury, The Art of Fiction No. 203 Sam Weller, The Paris Review An interview with the sci-fi author, who died this week.

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon—and the Journey Of a Generation by Sheila Weller.

Here the speaker, putting her hand before her mouth, coughed again, and looked affectionately at the elder Mr. Weller.

“Reduced counsels,” interposed Mr. Weller senior, in an undertone.

“Vait a minit, sir,” said Mr. Weller, raising his hand in a deprecatory manner.

“I have heard it remarked that she was a very fine woman, Mr. Weller,” said Pell in a sympathising manner.

“No man knows how much he can spend, till he tries,” observed Mr. Weller.