windigo (ˈwɪndɪˌɡəʊ)

/ (ˈwɛndɪˌɡəʊ) /

noun Canadian

plural -gos (among Algonquian Indians) an evil spirit or cannibal
plural -go or -gos another name for splake

Word Origin for wendigo

from Algonquian: evil spirit or cannibal
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Examples from the Web for wendigo

  • "It's a moss-eater, is the Wendigo," he added, looking up excitedly into the faces of his companions.

    The Wendigo|Algernon Blackwood
  • The story of the Wendigo made the camping-place to be surrounded with a sombre interest to the traders.

  • And Babe whimpered a little in his cradle and brought us all suddenly back from the Wendigo Age to the time of the kerosene lamp.

    The Prairie Wife|Arthur Stringer