West Indian

  1. of or relating to the West Indies, its inhabitants, or their language or culture

  2. native to or derived from the West Indies

  1. a native or inhabitant of the West Indies

  2. a person of West Indian descent

usage For West Indian

Using West Indian to refer to people of this ancestry living in Britain may cause offence. Possible alternatives are Black and Afro-Caribbean

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How to use West Indian in a sentence

  • Mr. Vincent, who had all the West Indian love for magnificence, had upon this occasion an extremely handsome equipage.

  • Anime, an′im, n. the resin of the West Indian locust-tree—used also for other gums and resins.

  • At Constantinople the plague always rages; and in the West Indian islands, malignant fevers, and the most terrible colics.

  • The little West Indian will not talk of choosing a profession, any more than the infant Portuguese will ask for books.

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