West Coast


  1. the western coast of the U.S., bordering the Pacific Ocean and comprising the coastal areas of California, Oregon, and Washington.

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  • West-Coast adjective

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Example Sentences

That’s because instead of sticking to just one barbecue style, Horn combines his Bay Area roots with Central Texas barbecue and traditions from the deep south to create what he calls “West Coast-style” barbecue.

From Eater

The Wizards went 3-1 on their first West Coast road trip of the year and have now won six of their last seven games.

The FAA mandated ample separation between aircraft and planned “super skyways” to connect major East and West Coast cities, carving out airspace with separate rules to facilitate heavy cross-country travel.

Each West Coast state varies stream protection rules based on the size of the stream, its geography and whether it provides drinking water or a habitat for fish.

In 2019, West Coast retailer Fred Segal hosted 75 different parties and events at its flagship store in Los Angeles.

From Digiday

This approach would greatly limit his appeal beyond the Northeast and the west coast.

White King Soap sponsored the show on the West Coast, and Beech-Nut Gum in the East.

A run in the U.S. is on the horizon with discussions about an opening on the West Coast.

Some are pilgrims from out of town, come to savor the best granola on the West Coast.

Now available in the Hamptons and Long Island, The I.V. Doc will hit the West Coast come August.

Ferdinand de Soto, landed on the West coast of Florida, in search of gold.

From the bridge we got a fine view as our guns were being focused on and about the north-west coast.

The whales of the North-west Coast appeared to be of the same species, but of a darker colour.

Castellammare di Stabia, on the west coast of the gulf, has a large naval shipbuilding yard and an important harbour.

Now she was going back, expecting to pick up a cargo of rubber and cocoa and what not, along the West Coast.





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