West Side


  1. the western part of Manhattan Island, New York City: conventionally W of Fifth Avenue.

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Example Sentences

Several years ago, after conversations with longtime West Side residents, I began to realize that the case was more than just a troubling episode from the past.

No West Side ward elected an alderman independent of the machine until 1979, when Danny Davis won the 29th Ward seat.

It was the retired West Side police officer who had been questioned in the early days of the investigation — the same officer whose name had been raised by Longoria.

While he admitted he knew West Side underworld figures, he distanced himself from Patrick.

Over the next 25 years, the FBI continued to keep an eye on Patrick as he ran Outfit-backed criminal enterprises on Chicago’s West Side and then North Side, according to bureau investigative records.

Last week members helped shut down the West Side Highway, a major roadway in New York.

When I came to New York after college I was taken with the world of Jewish intellectuals and the Upper West Side.

For a veteran seeking answers, that particular moment made Basetrack Live feel more like West Side Story in MARPAT camouflage.

The Dakota, a co-op residence on the Upper West Side, is historically known for its ghostly figures.

Lonergan grew up on the Upper West Side and based This Is Our Youth on the experiences of his friends and himself.

When the women came, he was preparing to go to the west side for his daily visit with Mrs. Pruitt.

The killer walked to the bushes at the west side of the gate, parted the branches with his dirty fingers.

In the meantime her father went over to the west side, presumably to call on Mrs. Pruitt.

The shoals on the west side are dangerous, and several vessels have been wrecked upon them in going in.

The former being on the west side of the Brazilian mountains, and the latter on the east.





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