[ west-ber-ee, -buh-ree ]


  1. a town on W Long Island, in SE New York.

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Example Sentences

“When we got to Westbury and he went on, there was no seat for me,” wrote Tarshis.

Dice had just finished a stand-up show in Westbury, and his manager phoned to tell him Woody Allen wanted a meeting.

One is coming soon to the Westbury Plaza in Garden City on Long Island.

As regards the “great houses” of the place, Westbury-on-Trym enjoys a curious monopoly of handsome private mansions.

Dinner at the Rose house took place about two hours after the corresponding meal occurred at the farmhouse near the Westbury Turn.

He stays a twelve-month at Westbury; nor does he again return to London to reside.

"It was better to meet death on the field like a man, than face it on Tower-hill, as some of them may," continued Mr. Westbury.

And, in a lower tone, Westbury besought young Mr. Esmond to take no part in the quarrel.





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