[ wes-ter-lee ]
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  1. moving, directed, or situated toward the west: the westerly end of the field.

  2. (especially of a wind) coming from the west: a westerly gale.

  1. toward the west: to escape westerly.

  2. from the west: a sharp wind blowing westerly.

noun,plural west·er·lies.
  1. a wind that blows from the west: an occasional westerly that pommeled the island.

  2. westerlies, (used with a plural verb) any semipermanent belt of westerly winds, especially those that prevail at latitudes lying between the tropical and polar regions of the earth.

Origin of westerly

1570–80; west + -erly, as in easterly

Other words from westerly

  • west·er·li·ness, noun

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[ wes-ter-lee ]

  1. a town in SW Rhode Island.

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British Dictionary definitions for westerly


/ (ˈwɛstəlɪ) /

  1. of, relating to, or situated in the west

adverb, adjective
  1. towards or in the direction of the west

  2. (esp of the wind) from the west

nounplural -lies
  1. a wind blowing from the west

Derived forms of westerly

  • westerliness, noun

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Scientific definitions for westerly


[ wĕstər-lē ]

  1. A wind, especially a prevailing wind, that blows from the west. The prevailing winds in the middle latitudes are westerlies. See illustration at wind.

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