[ west-luhnd ]


  1. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit.

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Example Sentences

In its Outpost Range, Westland is exploring the region’s bounty—not only in best grains suited for the region, but also in wood used in barrels and local peat for smoked whiskey.

Westland marketing director Steve Hawley notes that they’re seeking grains that not only work for the farmer, but they’re using organic, “salmon-safe” methods that can reduce run-off harmful to fisheries.

When the RAF wanted reliable, soldier-proof helicopters, they bought Westland-built Sikorskys.

The Greeley recall later seemed minuscule compared to that of the Westland/Hallmark Meat Co.

When the Westland women heard her reply, they marveled at her courage, but shook their heads and advised her to give up her quest.

My kingdom, which lies just beyond the borders of the Westland Kingdom, is naught but a great desert plain.

Even when the glad shouts of the Westland people told her that Ironheart was departing the kingdom, she did not smile.

He arrived at the platform of Westland Row Station in good time for the train he meant to catch.

So the burr making turned into a party which lasted till Mr. Westland came tooting along the road and Frances had to go home.


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