[ west-pawrt, -pohrt ]

  1. a town in SW Connecticut.

  2. a city in SE Massachusetts.

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How to use Westport in a sentence

  • Westport is also working with machinery giant Caterpillar on new locomotives.

  • This deed of sale includes part of Westport, and the town-lands of Cooldrennon and Shoughnakelly.

  • Though living in Westport, Mo., he was made sheriff of Douglas county, fifty miles from his place of residence.

  • Three weeks after my father's burial I resolved to set out, with no more words, to deliver the papers to the Earl of Westport.

    The O'Ruddy | Stephen Crane
  • I did not wish to see the Earl of Westport, but some sudden and curious courage forced me into my clothes and out to the corridor.

    The O'Ruddy | Stephen Crane
  • I glanced within and saw the Earl of Westport gesturing and declaiming to a company of gentlemen.

    The O'Ruddy | Stephen Crane