wet blanket


a blanket dampened with water so as to extinguish a fire.
a person or thing that dampens enthusiasm or enjoyment: Nobody asked him to join the group because he's such a wet blanket.



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Origin of wet blanket

First recorded in 1655–65

Definition for wet blanket (2 of 2)

[ wet-blang-kit ]
/ ˈwɛtˈblæŋ kɪt /

verb (used with object)

to extinguish (a fire) with a wet blanket.
to dampen the enthusiasm or enjoyment of (a person, group, etc.).

Origin of wet-blanket

First recorded in 1865–70
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Example sentences from the Web for wet blanket

  • Will you be kind enough Mizzi, to tell me why you surround me with the wet-blanket of your wrath?

    The Gay Adventure|Richard Bird
  • But I should be a wet-blanket altogether, and, moreover, I could not stand the Tutissimus.

    Lord Randolph Churchill|Winston Spencer Churchill
  • The average clergyman, I am afraid, is regarded in these days as something of a bore, a wet-blanket even at tea-parties.

    Painted Windows|Harold Begbie
  • As somebody had quickly said, sharpening his young wit, he was more of a wet-blanket than a Mackintosh.

    Sinister Street, vol. 2|Compton Mackenzie

British Dictionary definitions for wet blanket

wet blanket


informal a person whose low spirits or lack of enthusiasm have a depressing effect on others
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Cultural definitions for wet blanket

wet blanket

Someone who dampens enthusiasm: “We were all having a good time until Harold walked in and started acting like a wet blanket.”

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Idioms and Phrases with wet blanket

wet blanket

A person who discourages enjoyment or enthusiasm, as in Don't be such a wet blanket—the carnival will be fun! This expression alludes to smothering a fire with a wet blanket. [Early 1800s]

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