[ hwang-gee, wang- ]
/ ʰwæŋˈgi, wæŋ- /


a bamboo of the genus Phyllostachys, of China.
a walking stick or cane made from the stem of this plant.

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Origin of whangee

1780–90; < Chinese huáng hard bamboo + -ee < ?

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Examples from the Web for whangee

  • Besides, he once licked the stuffing out of me with a whangee.

    Jill the Reckless|P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse
  • He was subjected to a long insolent scrutiny, a whangee cane smote him sharply across the back.

    The Bright Shawl|Joseph Hergesheimer

British Dictionary definitions for whangee


/ (wæŋˈiː) /


any tall woody grass of the S and SE Asian genus Phyllostachys, grown for its stems, which are used for bamboo canes and as a source of paper pulp
a cane or walking stick made from the stem of any of these plants

Word Origin for whangee

C19: probably from Chinese (Mandarin) huangli, from huang yellow + li bamboo cane

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