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before 900; Middle English; Old English hwæt; cognate with German was, Dutch wat, Old Norse hvat; akin to Gothic hwa, Latin quod, Greek

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25. See doubt.

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[ hwuhts, hwots, wuhts, wots; unstressed hwuh ts, wuh ts ]
/ ʰwʌts, ʰwɒts, wʌts, wɒts; unstressed ʰwəts, wəts /

contraction of what is or what has: What's the matter? What's been done?
contraction of what does: What's she do for a living?

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Old English hwæt; related to Old Frisian whet, Old High German hwaz (German was), Old Norse hvatr

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The use of are in sentences such as what we need are more doctors is common, although many people think is should be used: what we need is more doctors
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