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[hwuhch-uh-muh-kawl-it, hwoch-, wuhch-, woch-]
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  1. whachamacallit.
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Also what-do-you-call-it [hwuhd-uh-yuh-kawl-it, hwod-, wuhd-, wod-] /ˈʰwʌd ə yəˌkɔl ɪt, ˈʰwɒd-, ˈwʌd-, ˈwɒd-/.


or what·cha·ma·call·it, what-you-may-call-it, what-do-you-call-it

[hwuhch-uh-muh-kawl-it, hwoch-, wuhch-, woch-]
noun Informal.
  1. an object or person whose name one does not know or cannot recall.
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Origin of whachamacallit

1940–45; spelling of what you may call it reflecting affrication of t before y and reduction of vowels; compare similar metric pattern and internal əmə in rigamarole, thingamagig
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Historical Examples

  • "Whatchamacallit tastes good like a dum-dum cigarette should," Victor put in, in an attempt to settle the subject.

    You Don't Make Wine Like the Greeks Did

    David E. Fisher

Word Origin and History for whatchamacallit


1928, compressed form of phrase "what you may call it." Earliest recorded variant is what-calle-ye-hym, attested from late 15c.

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