[ ap-uh-rat-uhs, -rey-tuhs ]
/ 藢忙p 蓹藞r忙t 蓹s, -藞re瑟 t蓹s /
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noun, plural ap路pa路rat路us, ap路pa路rat路us路es.
a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use: Our town has excellent fire-fighting apparatus.
any complex instrument or mechanism for a particular purpose.
any system or systematic organization of activities, functions, processes, etc., directed toward a specific goal: the apparatus of government; espionage apparatus.
Physiology. a group of structurally different organs working together in the performance of a particular function: the digestive apparatus.
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Origin of apparatus

1620鈥30; <Latin appar膩tus equipment, originally the act of equipping, preparation, equivalent to appar膩(re) to prepare (ap-ap-1 + par膩re;see prepare) + -tus suffix of v. action
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How to use apparatus in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for apparatus

/ (藢忙p蓹藞re瑟t蓹s, -藞r蓱藧t蓹s, 藞忙p蓹藢re瑟t蓹s) /

noun plural -ratus or -ratuses
a collection of instruments, machines, tools, parts, or other equipment used for a particular purpose
a machine having a specific functionbreathing apparatus
the means by which something operates; organizationthe apparatus of government
anatomy any group of organs having a specific function

Word Origin for apparatus

C17: from Latin, from appar膩re to make ready
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