adverb, pronoun, conjunction, noun

a Scot word for where

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Examples from the Web for whaur

Historical Examples of whaur

  • And the queston's no whar's the man I micht help, but whaur's the man I maun help.

    Heather and Snow

    George MacDonald

  • Ye've not been seen since morning's light, and it's nigh-hand on midnight Whaur have ye been?

    Despair's Last Journey

    David Christie Murray

  • I speired at her whaur she had hod it, but she juist said, 'What would I be doin' hoddin't'?'

    A Window in Thrums

    J. M. Barrie

  • At the good landlord's very natural question "Whaur's Auld Jock?"

    Greyfriars Bobby

    Eleanor Atkinson

  • Eh, Jamie, that wad be whaur 'is maister deed sax months syne.

    Greyfriars Bobby

    Eleanor Atkinson