[ weed-l, hweed-l ]
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verb (used with object),whee·dled, whee·dling.
  1. to endeavor to influence (a person) by smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or acts: We wheedled him incessantly, but he would not consent.

  2. to persuade (a person) by such words or acts: She wheedled him into going with her.

  1. to obtain (something) by artful persuasions: I wheedled a new car out of my father.

verb (used without object),whee·dled, whee·dling.
  1. to use beguiling or artful persuasions: I always wheedle if I really need something.

Origin of wheedle

First recorded in 1655–65; origin uncertain

Other words for wheedle

Other words from wheedle

  • whee·dler, noun
  • whee·dling·ly, adverb
  • un·whee·dled, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for wheedle


/ (ˈwiːdəl) /

  1. to persuade or try to persuade (someone) by coaxing words, flattery, etc

  2. (tr) to obtain by coaxing and flattery: she wheedled some money out of her father

Origin of wheedle

C17: perhaps from German wedeln to wag one's tail, from Old High German wedil, wadil tail

Derived forms of wheedle

  • wheedler, noun
  • wheedling, adjective
  • wheedlingly, adverb

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