[ hwee-ling, wee- ]
/ ˈʰwi lɪŋ, ˈwi- /


the act of a person who moves, travels, conveys, etc., on or as on wheels, especially cycling.
a rotating or circular motion: the wheeling of birds.
the condition of a road for travel by wheeled vehicles: A state highway is usually good wheeling.

Origin of wheeling

First recorded in 1475–85; wheel + -ing1

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[ hwee-ling, wee- ]
/ ˈʰwi lɪŋ, ˈwi- /


a city in N West Virginia, on the Ohio River.
a town in NE Illinois.

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[ hweel, weel ]
/ ʰwil, wil /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

Origin of wheel

before 900; (noun) Middle English whel(e), Old English hwēol, hweohl; cognate with Dutch wiel, Old Norse hjōl; akin to Greek kýklos (see cycle); (v.) Middle English, derivative of the noun
Related formswheel·less, adjectiveun·der·wheel, nounun·wheel, verb (used with object)
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/ (wiːl) /



See also wheels
Derived Formswheel-less, adjective

Word Origin for wheel

Old English hweol, hweowol; related to Old Norse hvēl, Greek kuklos, Middle Low German wēl, Dutch wiel
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Idioms and Phrases with wheeling


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  • wheel and deal
  • wheels in motion
  • wheels within wheels

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