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/ wiːlz /

plural noun

  1. the main directing force behind an organization, movement, etc

    the wheels of government

  2. an informal word for car
  3. wheels within wheels
    a series of intricately connected events, plots, etc

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Example Sentences

You can put mag wheels on a Gremlin,” commented one long time Michigan observer, “but that doesn't make it a Mustang.

How did the Inca get giant blocks of stone up mountains 500 years ago without the use of wheels?

But, still, week after week, Addison lived in a Dili hostel waiting for the rusty wheels of Timorese justice to set her free.

Apart from his wheels, Hamzat was living with few comforts and little cash.

Will breakfast at Balthazar bring sudden revelations about Millennials and Gen Xers and their taste in wheels?

He was between the wheels when we stopped, and I planted a crutch on one of his bare feet and embraced him.

But—and I forbear to lead up to it artistically—I dissever myself from your chariot wheels.

When he travelled on his line he came in contact with bucolic interests instead of the whirring wheels of trade.

Probably those cast-iron wheels were ordered with a view to steam locomotion in the Cordilleras.

An engine is described in the invoice as having chimney, axles, carriage-wheels, &c.





wheel of lifewheels in motion