[ hwif-it, wif- ]

  1. Informal. an insignificant person; whippersnapper.

Origin of whiffet

1795–1805, Americanism;whiff1 + -et, modeled on whippet

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How to use whiffet in a sentence

  • "I never felt sorry for the little whiffet before," said the fat jailer, when he came out.

  • “Turn to one—of our—old favorites,” poor old whiffet murmured, still fumbling the pages of the book.

    Blue Ridge Country | Jean Thomas
  • “Open to page—” still groping was Philomel whiffet and squinting at the faded pages.

    Blue Ridge Country | Jean Thomas
  • And before Philomel whiffet knew what had happened, sopranos, altos, and bass had taken up the tune.

    Blue Ridge Country | Jean Thomas
  • whiffet, Skiffet and Skud led a jolly life in the old chestnut tree.

    Whiffet Squirrel | Julia Greene