Whig party

  1. An American political party formed in the 1830s to oppose President Andrew Jackson and the Democrats . Whigs stood for protective tariffs , national banking, and federal aid for internal improvements. Senators Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were prominent Whigs, as were four presidents (William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore). The party fell into disunity in the 1850s over slavery; some former Whigs, including Abraham Lincoln , then joined the new Republican party .

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Example Sentences

The party splinters, and out of the wreckage a new center-right “Whig Party” emerges.

For the first time in a century and a half, the Whig Party has successfully elected a candidate.

No, not the GOP, but the Whig Party, the original party of Lincoln.

For 102 years, Liberia was a one-party state, with the True Whig Party enjoying a monopoly.

The paper war was almost entirely carried on between two sections of the Whig party.

Since his return from exile, his influence had been generally exerted in favour of the Whig party.

The king had succeeded in breaking up the whig party, and there was no organised opposition.

The Duke of Shrewsbury and other discontented noblemen left the Whig party.

When the Whig party paid its breath to time, he looked upon its last agonies as but another instance of divine retribution.