[hwin-ee, win-ee]
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verb (used with object), whin·nied, whin·ny·ing.
  1. to express by whinnying.
noun, plural whin·nies.
  1. a whinnying sound.

Origin of whinny

1520–30; imitative; compare earlier whrinny, Latin hinnīre
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verb -nies, -nying or -nied (intr)
  1. (of a horse) to neigh softly or gently
  2. to make a sound resembling a neigh, such as a laugh
noun plural -nies
  1. a gentle or low-pitched neigh

Word Origin for whinny

C16: of imitative origin
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Word Origin and History for whinny

1520s, probably related to whine and ultimately imitative (cf. Latin hinnire).

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