[ hwip-uhl, wip- ]


  1. Fred Lawrence, 1906–2004, U.S. astronomer.
  2. George Hoyt [hoit], 1878–1976, U.S. pathologist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1934.

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When former Accenture Interactive CEO Brian Whipple announced he’d be retiring this past summer, it would’ve made sense for Accenture leadership to tap another company man like Whipple to fill that role.

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If you could stand next to the spacecraft, you would see the holes in the spacecraft’s mylar protective coating, called a Whipple shield, he says.

The newfound asteroid, Whipple declared, must be their long-sought source.

The ISS itself has over 100 different Whipple shield configurations, as some areas are more vulnerable to micrometeoroid collisions than others.

He underwent an operation called a modified Whipple procedure, or a pancreatoduodenectomy, Fortune reported.

Sixty-four men were selected, and Abraham Whipple, who was afterward one of the first captains in the American navy, took command.

They received, without flinching, the terrible fire which flamed from Berry's and Birney's and Whipple's lines.

Fields is gone, and his old friend and neighbor Whipple, who was one of the earliest of the noted lyceum lecturers.

Old Sharon Whipple, the player who putted, never knew that above him had gone a thing he had very lately said could never be.

Ripe berries still glistened about the stone of the departed Jonas Whipple.


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