[ hwur-li-gig, wur- ]
/ ˈʰwɜr lɪˌgɪg, ˈwɜr- /


something that whirls or revolves.
a whirling motion or course: the whirligig of fashion.
a giddy or flighty person.
Dialect. a merry-go-round or carrousel.
a toy for whirling or spinning, as a top.

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Origin of whirligig

First recorded in 1400–50, whirligig is from the late Middle English word whirlegigge. See whirl, gig1

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/ (ˈwɜːlɪˌɡɪɡ) /


any spinning toy, such as a top
another name for merry-go-round
anything that whirls about, spins, or moves in a circular or giddy waythe whirligig of social life
another name for windmill (def. 3)

Word Origin for whirligig

C15: whirlegigge, from whirl + gig 1

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Word Origin and History for whirligig



mid-15c., a child's toy, from whirl (v.) + gig (see gig (n.1)). Meaning "anything in constant motion" is from 1580s; "fickle, flighty person" is from c.1600; as a type of water beetle, from 1713.

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