[ hwist, wist, hwisht, wisht ]

interjection, adjective, noun, verb (used with or without object)

Origin of whisht

1510–20; ultimately imitative; compare Old English hwiscettung squeaking (said of mice)

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How to use whisht in a sentence

  • whisht, 'uman, he's come around the new cojutor and got a job.

    My New Curate | P.A. Sheehan
  • I zee somethin' white in the beak o' the fowl, so I giv' a "whisht," an' 'e drops it smart, an' off 'e go.

  • This, as he followed his master towards the cabins: 'whisht here, Misther Robert,' lowering his tone confidentially.'

    Cedar Creek | Elizabeth Hely Walshe
  • I knowed wan that cud play th' "Wacht am Rhine" on a pair iv cymbals,' he says, 'whisht!'

  • Tattine stood aghast, but Patrick's "whisht" kept her still for a moment, while the cat made its way along one of the branches.

    Tattine | Ruth Ogden

British Dictionary definitions for whisht


whist (hwist)

/ (hwiʃt) Scot /

  1. hush! be quiet!

  1. silent or still

  1. to make or become silent

Origin of whisht

C14: compare hist; also obsolete v. whist to become silent

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