1. Canadian another name for Canada jay

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How to use whisky-jack in a sentence

  • What about this saucy bird, here called whisky jack, that we meet with on all of our wintry journeys?

  • Ye've been through enough of late to knock out a dozen men, an' yit yer as chipper as a whisky-jack.

    The Long Patrol | H. A. Cody
  • No, it is not the bright little black and white bird like a small magpie which pecks around, that is a whisky-jack.

  • While attending to the cooking he saw a whisky-jack (Us ka tcon) (Perisoreus canadensis) flying about.

  • I did not see the track or sign of any living thing save a single whisky-jack, but even he was shy and kept well out of range.

    The Long Labrador Trail | Dillon Wallace