white admiral


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[ pur-puh l ]
/ ˈpɜr pəl /


adjective, pur·pler, pur·plest.

verb (used with or without object), pur·pled, pur·pling.

to make or become purple.

Origin of purple

before 1000; Middle English purpel (noun and adjective), Old English purple (adjective), variant of purpure < Latin purpura “kind of shellfish yielding purple dye, the dye, cloth so dyed” < Greek porphýra; cf. purpure, porphyry

Related forms

pur·ple·ness, noun
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/ (ˈpɜːpəl) /



Derived Forms

purpleness, nounpurplish, adjectivepurply, adjective

Word Origin for purple

Old English, from Latin purpura purple dye, from Greek porphura the purple fish (Murex)

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white admiral


a nymphalid butterfly, Limenitis camilla, of Eurasia, having brown wings with white markingsSee also red admiral
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