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white lady


  1. a cocktail consisting of gin, Cointreau, and lemon juice
  2. informal.
    methylated spirits as a drink, sometimes mixed with shoe polish or other additives

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Example Sentences

As for my godson, I completely adored him—just like every other white lady who ever saw him.

“I must be crazy, giving sworn secrets a the colored race to a white lady,” Minny says.

What is that white lady doing with that handful of ginseng roots and bonito flakes?

Dey's a white lady dar, an' she say she'll take keer un' 'im twel somebody come.

She laughed when she remembered her ghastly fear of the White Lady's death-grip!

Nevertheless she could not get the white lady attired in cloth of gold out of her head.

Jeanne asked Catherine if the white lady came every night, and learning that she did: "I will sleep with you," she said.

Mary of Avenel next appeared, and (or it may have been fancy) near her floated the airy vision of the White Lady.


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