white lead

[ led ]
/ lɛd /


a white, heavy powder, basic lead carbonate, 2PbCO3⋅Pb(OH)2, used as a pigment, in putty, and in medicinal ointments for burns.
the putty made from this substance in oil.

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Origin of white lead

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50

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British Dictionary definitions for white lead

white lead

/ (lɛd) /


Also called: ceruse a white solid usually regarded as a mixture of lead carbonate and lead hydroxide; basic lead carbonate: used in paint and in making putty and ointments for the treatment of burns. Formula: 2PbCO 3 .Pb(OH) 2
either of two similar white pigments based on lead sulphate or lead silicate
a type of putty made by mixing white lead with boiled linseed oil
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