white noise

[ wahyt-noiz, hwahyt ]
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  1. Physics.Also called broad·band noise [brawd-band noiz] /ˈbrɔdˌbænd ˈnɔɪz/ . a noise signal with a uniform frequency spectrum over a wide range of frequencies.: Compare brown noise, pink noise.

  2. Informal.Also called white sound [wahyt-sound, hwahyt]. /ˈwaɪt ˈsaʊnd, ˈʰwaɪt/. any steady, unobtrusive sound or pattern of sounds recorded from nature or produced electronically and used to mask unwanted noise or fill a discomforting silence: You can program the machine to play ocean waves, a rainforest, a thunderstorm, or whatever white noise helps you to relax.

Origin of white noise

First recorded in 1965–70

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white noise

    • sound or electrical noise that has a relatively wide continuous range of frequencies of uniform intensity

    • noise containing all frequencies rising in level by six decibels every octave

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