white squall

[ hwahyt-skwawl, wahyt ]

nounMeteorology, Nautical.
  1. a maritime squall whose approach is indicated by whitecaps and turbulent water rather than by the clouds that usually accompany a squall: The sudden fogs, white squalls, and terrible ice storms made navigating Lake Superior treacherous.

Origin of white squall

First recorded in 1770–75

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How to use white squall in a sentence

  • It was just a clean reach from the Noman to Cowes, and some of the puffs came off the Island with the rush of a white squall.

    Yachting Vol. 2 | Various.
  • Wrath of celestial goddesses darkened the face of Mrs. Croydon as a white squall blackens the face of the sky.

    Love in a Cloud | Arlo Bates
  • It was about six in the morning when the blow came on with a white squall, and, as usual, from the northward.

  • Deeper and deeper the blackness came rushing down upon us, an angry ridge of foam before it—the white squall showing its teeth.

    Guy Livingstone; | George A. Lawrence
  • Just after that a sort of a white squall struck the ship, and the old man give just the wrong orders.

British Dictionary definitions for white squall

white squall

  1. a violent highly localized weather disturbance at sea, in which the surface of the water is whipped to a white spray by the winds

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