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[ hwahy-tish, wahy- ]


  1. somewhat white; tending to white.

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  • whitish·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of whitish1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; white, -ish 1

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Example Sentences

By the time Steve Miller reached Brooklyn, whitish flakes were falling from the sky.

The surface of the river is yellowish, lit with the early morning sun, and the mist rising from it is whitish.

From Ozy

These small whitish spikes can be steamed, boiled, or fried as a tasty vegetable.

Spectrometers identify materials by the specific colors of light they absorb and reflect, and the spacecraft’s readings suggested that the whitish bands were made of materials called carbonates.

This bird also has a whitish streak over the eye, which seems wanting in A. streperus.

The whitish patches of pharyngomycosis leptothrica are largely composed of these fungi.

If the ground is well burned it will be a little crusty and whitish, and will pulverize beautifully.

The antennae are ciliated, whitish above, and brownish beneath.

Crystalline epidote, and whitish quartz, apparently from a vein.


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