/ wɪz /


  1. to make or cause to make a loud humming or buzzing sound
  2. to move or cause to move with such a sound
  3. informal.
    intr to move or go rapidly


  1. a loud humming or buzzing sound
  2. informal.
    a person who is extremely skilful at some activity
  3. a slang word for amphetamine
  4. take a whizz informal.
    to urinate
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Word History and Origins

Origin of whizz1

C16: of imitative origin
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Example Sentences

They had a six-roomed house (not counting kitching and sculry), and now twelve daughters in all; whizz.

He went down it, not with a whizz as a falling stone, but slowly as a man might sink in water.

I notice theres a eap of wire all round it, said Pug, and bobbed his head down hastily at the whizz of a couple of bullets.

Now came the real pull, for the two winners were to try off; and as the last gun sounded, Clatter, whizz!

The worst of all is the whizz-bang, because it doesn't give you a chance—it pounces and is on you the same moment that it bangs.





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