or whiz·bang, whizz-bang

[ noun hwiz-bang, wiz-; adjective hwiz-bang, wiz- ]
/ noun ˈʰwɪzˌbæŋ, ˈwɪz-; adjective ˈʰwɪzˈbæŋ, ˈwɪz- /


Military. a small, high-speed shell whose sound as it flies through the air arrives almost at the same instant as its explosion.
a firecracker with a similar effect.
Informal. whiz1(def 5).


Informal. first-rate; topnotch: a whiz-bang navigator.

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Origin of whiz-bang

First recorded in 1910–15; orig. imitative

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a small-calibre World War I shell that, when discharged, travelled at such a high velocity that the sound of its flight was heard only an instant, if at all, before the sound of its explosion
a type of firework that jumps around emitting a whizzing sound and occasional bangs


informal excellent or first-rate
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