or whizz

[ wiz, hwiz ]
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verb (used without object),whizzed, whiz·zing.
  1. to make a humming, buzzing, or hissing sound, as an object passing swiftly through the air.

  2. to move or rush with such a sound: The angry hornets whizzed by in a cloud.

verb (used with object),whizzed, whiz·zing.
  1. to cause to whiz.

  2. to treat with a whizzer.

  1. Informal. a person who is quite good at a particular activity, in a certain field, etc.: She's a whiz at math.

  2. the sound of a whizzing object.

  1. a swift movement producing such a sound.

Origin of whiz

1540–50; imitative; cf. fizz

Other words from whiz

  • whiz·zing·ly, adverb

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[ wiz, hwiz ]

Origin of whiz

By shortening

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How to use whiz in a sentence

  • The men had crept up so quietly that not till the spear whizzed through the air did he suspect danger.

    The Later Cave-Men | Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
  • The shaft whizzed away with force enough to delight him, and, lo, there was the first bow-and-arrow!

  • Barker dodged, but the edge of it cut open his eyebrow as it whizzed by, and the blood flowed fast.

    Eric, or Little by Little | Frederic W. Farrar
  • On our way we had a near shave, for out of the darkness whizzed a shrapnel shell.

  • A tomato whizzed past his ear and splattered against the wall.

    Meeting of the Board | Alan Edward Nourse