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or whizz

[ wiz, hwiz ]

verb (used without object)

, whizzed, whiz·zing.
  1. to make a humming, buzzing, or hissing sound, as an object passing swiftly through the air.
  2. to move or rush with such a sound:

    The angry hornets whizzed by in a cloud.

verb (used with object)

, whizzed, whiz·zing.
  1. to cause to whiz.
  2. to treat with a whizzer.


  1. Informal. a person who is quite good at a particular activity, in a certain field, etc.:

    She's a whiz at math.

  2. the sound of a whizzing object.
  3. a swift movement producing such a sound.



[ wiz, hwiz ]

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Other Words From

  • whiz·zing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of whiz1

1540–50; imitative; fizz

Origin of whiz2

By shortening

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Example Sentences

It’s easy to buy Wilson, with his boxer’s nose and almost visibly bruised heart, as a divorced, single—dad math whiz who’s too distracted to consider he might have a second chance at love.

From Time

I’ve had children jump into ditches like startled rabbits and hand-holding elderly couples freeze as I ding my bell and whiz past.

Homemade aioli requires just a few ingredients and 10 minutes of whisking — or a quick whiz in a small blender bowl — to produce a silky sauce.

If you’re a math whiz like us, you might notice that five years and 10 days are two different amounts of time.

If you’re a whiz with words and witty dialogue, then you might consider applying for a job as a writer at a studio.

As archetypically “presidential” as Mitt Romney seemed, his perfectly square, gee whiz speech style was part of what did him in.

Whole Foods actually makes money, but investors reacted to it the way gourmands do when encountering Cheez Whiz.

He has proven to be a computer whiz, earning the nickname “Ninja Coder.”

The legendary musician and a 27-year-old Israeli tech whiz bring us the remarkably interactive video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’

Statistics whiz Nate Silver brought huge traffic to the Gray Lady, and now ESPN stands to win big.

We lit our pipes and strolled over in silence to the men's quarters, and it was his odd Canadian expression "Gee whiz!"

Before they were half way up, there came the sound of another shot, but this time the whiz of no ball was heard.

Monday is meatless and Tuesday is dry,Wednesday is sugarless, too, gee whiz!

At first we merely dropped them on him, but we soon began to whiz them down with the added force of our muscles.

And then the wild Igazipuza war-cry rent the night, and he could hear the whiz of flying assegais past his head.


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