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[ hohl-nis ]


  1. soundness, health, or well-being in body, mind, soul, or spirit:

    Shalom is a sense of contentment, wholeness, and harmony.

  2. the state or condition of being not broken, injured, or damaged; intact condition:

    It may help to maintain the durability and wholeness of your roof if you have an expert roofing contractor look at it every few years.

  3. the state of including the full amount or extent of something, or all parts of something, with nothing missing:

    In this beautiful 18-karat rose-gold ring, the flower appears in all its wholeness, with stem, leaf, and blossom.

  4. the state or condition of being in one piece, without separation of parts:

    Recognizing event, author, text, and reader, we see the narrative work in all its indivisible wholeness, while also understanding the diverse elements that make it up.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wholeness1

First recorded before 1000; whole ( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

It is against their wholeness that the incomplete impressions of the recent past or present are juxtaposed.

What has been grossly overlooked throughout age immemorial is that both aspects need each other for wholeness!

“Where there is no desire or pursuit, there is no wholeness, but there are satisfactory lesser states, fragments,” Vidal wrote.

And nothing short of this consciousness of Perfect Wholeness can satisfy us.

This wholeness, this finish which does not hurt the harmony of the proportions, is a precious quality, very rare in our time.

Not another word in that direction as you value the wholeness of your skin.

Being complementary means that each supplies what is wanting in the other, and that the two together thus make complete wholeness.

Think of the four last gifts of Frœbel in their wholeness of form, as cubes.





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