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[hwomp, womp]Informal.
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  1. a loud, heavy blow, slap, bang, or the like: He fell with an awful whomp.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to defeat (a person, opposing team, etc.) decisively: We whomped the visiting team.
  2. to slap or strike: to whomp the kids.
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verb (used without object)
  1. to make a banging or slapping noise: Guns whomped in the distance.
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Verb Phrases
  1. whomp up, Informal.
    1. to make or create quickly: to whomp up a new set of guidelines.
    2. to stir up; rouse: to whomp up public approval.
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Origin of whomp

First recorded in 1925–30; imitative
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impact, bump, concussion, shock, punch, slap, jolt, stroke, jab, kick, uppercut, smack, drub, clobber, pummel, whack, beat, trounce, outclass, outshine

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Historical Examples of whomp

  • Soon Bob heard from the hillside the "hy-yi-hi, whomp, whomp, whomp!"

    Over the Sliprails

    Henry Lawson

  • Pete Whitney said, "You git a smart lot of work out'en a farmed-out young'un if you whomp him to it."

    Trading Jeff and his Dog

    James Arthur Kjelgaard

Word Origin and History for whomp


1926, echoic of the sound of a heavy blow or something falling heavily.

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1952, from whomp (n.). Related: Whomped; whomping.

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