or whoop-de-doo

[ hoop-dee-doo, -doo, hoo p-, hwoop-, hwoo p-, woop-, woo p- ]
/ ˈhup diˌdu, -ˈdu, ˈhʊp-, ˈʰwup-, ˈʰwʊp-, ˈwup-, ˈwʊp- /

noun, plural whoop-de-dos. Informal.

lively and noisy festivities; merrymaking: New Year's Eve whoop-de-do.
heated discussion or debate, especially in public: a whoop-de-do over the new tax bill.
extravagant publicity or fanfare: the whoop-de-do of a movie premiere.

Origin of whoop-de-do

1935–40; origin uncertain; see whoop
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