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    not worth a whoop, Informal. to be worthless: Their promises aren't worth a whoop.
    whoop it up, Informal.
    1. to raise a disturbance, as to celebrate noisily: They whooped it up after winning the big game.
    2. to stir up enthusiasm, as for an idea or project: Every spring they whoop it up for the circus.

Origin of whoop

1350–1400; Middle English whopen, Old English hwōpan to threaten; cognate with Gothic hwopan to boast Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for whooped


/ (wuːp) /



See also whoops

Word Origin for whoop

C14: of imitative origin

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Word Origin and History for whooped



mid-14c., houpen, partly imitative, partly from Old French houper "to cry out," also imitative. It is attested as an interjection from at least mid-15c. The noun is recorded from c.1600. Extended form whoopee is attested from 1845, originally American English; whoopee cushion is attested from 1960. Phrase whoop it up "create a disturbance" is recorded from 1884. Expression whoop-de-do is recorded from 1929. Whooping cough (1739) is now the prevalent spelling of hooping cough; whooping crane is recorded from 1791.

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Medicine definitions for whooped


[ hōōp, wōōp ]


The paroxysmal gasp characteristic of whooping cough.

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