or whoop·ie

[ noun hwoop-ee, woop-ee, hwoo-pee, woo-; interjection hwoop-ee, woop-ee, hwoo-pee, woo- ]
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  1. (used as a shout of exuberant joy.)

Idioms about whoopee

  1. make whoopee, Informal. to engage in uproarious merrymaking.

Origin of whoopee

First recorded in 1875–80, Americanism;whoop + -ee of uncertain origin; cf. yippee

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How to use whoopee in a sentence

  • If I'm going to have an affair, I'm going to have an affair, whether it's in the papers or not, whoopee.

    The Outrageous Johnny Weir | Choire Sicha | January 12, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Of course, old Nat didn't care a whoopee about getting the list perfect, and my boy may be right on that dun cow.

    Wells Brothers | Andy Adams
  • whoopee, didn't I tell you that Santa Claus would come all right!

  • This is no Texas feet shampetter,' says I, 'where you eat chili-concarne-con-huevos and then holler "whoopee!"

  • whoopee ti yi, git along, little dogies;It's my misfortune and none of your own.

    Cowboy Songs | Various

British Dictionary definitions for whoopee


/ informal /

  1. an exclamation of joy, excitement, etc

  1. make whoopee

    • to engage in noisy merrymaking

    • to make love

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