whooping cough

[hoo-ping, hoo p-ing]
noun Pathology.
  1. an infectious disease of the respiratory mucous membrane, caused by Bordetella pertussis, characterized by a series of short, convulsive coughs followed by a deep inspiration accompanied by a whooping sound.

Origin of whooping cough

First recorded in 1730–40
Also called pertussis.
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Historical Examples of whooping cough

  • The sufferer from whooping-cough is then to eat the roll until it is consumed.

    Welsh Folk-Lore

    Elias Owen

  • If it was whooping-cough, she whooped most heartily; if it was measles, she had them thick.

  • And all that I suffered for weeks and months when he had the whooping-cough!

  • He took his measles and whooping-cough with philosophical equanimity.

    Kenelm Chillingly, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • His little sister has taken it into her head to have whooping-cough.

    New Treasure Seekers

    E. (Edith) Nesbit

British Dictionary definitions for whooping cough

whooping cough

  1. an acute infectious disease characterized by coughing spasms that end with a shrill crowing sound on inspiration: caused by infection with the bacillus Bordetella pertussisTechnical name: pertussis
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whooping cough in Medicine

whooping cough

[hōōpĭng, wōō-, hupĭng]
  1. A highly contagious disease of the respiratory system, usually affecting children, that is caused by Bordetella pertussis and is marked in its advanced stage by spasms of coughing interspersed with deep, noisy inspirations.pertussis
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whooping cough in Science

whooping cough

[hōōpĭng, hupĭng, wōōpĭng, wupĭng]
  1. An infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bordatella pertussis, seen most commonly in children and characterized by coughing spasms often ending in loud gasps. Vaccinations usually given during infancy confer immunity to the disease. Also called pertussis
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whooping cough in Culture

whooping cough

[(hooh-ping, hoop-ing)]

An acute and infectious disease occurring mainly in children and characterized by violent coughing. Caused by a kind of bacteria, whooping cough has largely been eradicated in the United States through a program of vaccination, which is begun when infants are just three months old.

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