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[ hawr-ish, hohr- or, often, hoo r- ]
/ ˈhɔr ɪʃ, ˈhoʊr- or, often, ˈhʊər- /


having the character or characteristics of a whore; lewd; unchaste.

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Origin of whorish

First recorded in 1525–35; whore + -ish1
Related formswhor·ish·ly, adverbwhor·ish·ness, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for whorish

  • I wil make ye daunce sutch a bloudy bargenet, as your whorish heate for euer shall be cooled.

    The Palace of Pleasure|William Painter
  • What have ye to do to dally with a whorish and foolish world?

  • By means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread.

  • Here is a Miss won, and in her whorish Affections come over to Joseph, without his speaking of a word.