[ hoo-zev-er ]
/ huˈzɛv ər /


(the possessive case of whoever used as an adjective): Whosever wagon this is, get it out of here. Whosever is this ridiculous hat?
the one or ones belonging to whomever: Whosever will win, do you think?

Origin of whosever

First recorded in 1730–40; whose + ever

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[ hoo-ev-er ]
/ huˈɛv ər /

pronoun; possessive whos·ev·er; objective whom·ev·er.

whatever person; anyone that: Whoever did it should be proud. Ask whoever is there. Tell it to whomever you like.
no matter who: I won't do it, whoever asks.
who? what person? (used to express astonishment, disbelief, disdain, etc.): Whoever is that? Whoever told you such a thing?

Origin of whoever

Middle English word dating back to 1125–75; see origin at who, ever

Can be confused

whoever whomever
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/ (huːˈɛvə) /


any person who; anyone thatwhoever wants it can have it
no matter whoI'll come round tomorrow, whoever may be here
an intensive form of who, used in questionswhoever could have thought that?
informal an unknown or unspecified persongive those to John, or Cathy, or whoever

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