[ wik-uh-pee ]
/ ˈwɪk ə pi /

noun, plural wic·o·pies.

the leatherwood, Dirca palustris.

Origin of wicopy

1695–1705; < Western Abenaki wìgəbi inner bark suitable for cordage (or a cognate with of this, e.g., Eastern Abenaki wìkəpi basswood inner bark, Munsee Delaware wí·kpəy, Ojibwa wi·kop, all < Proto-Algonquian *wi·kwepyi; probably reborrowed or reinforced from more than one Algonquian language)
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British Dictionary definitions for wicopy

/ (ˈwɪkəpɪ) /

noun plural -pies US

any of various North American trees, shrubs, or herbaceous plants, esp the leatherwood, various willowherbs, and the basswood

Word Origin for wicopy

C18: from Cree wikupiy inner bark, willow bark
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