[ wahyd-uh-weyk ]
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  1. fully awake; with the eyes wide open.

  2. alert, keen, or knowing: a wide-awake young woman.

  1. Also called wide-awake hat . a soft, low-crowned felt hat.

Origin of wide-awake

First recorded in 1810–20

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  • wide-a·wake·ness, noun

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How to use wide-awake in a sentence

  • She lay wide awake composing a letter which was nothing like the one which she wrote next day.

  • In a moment Skipper Worse was wide awake, and began to hum, as she moved her fingers along the lines.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • When Fanny visited his room she found him wide awake, sitting up in bed with bright, feverish eyes, and crying to himself.

  • It is characteristic of Scattergood that, though wide awake, he gave no sign of knowledge of Mandy's act.

    Scattergood Baines | Clarence Budington Kelland
  • The gambling instinct was wide awake in Bud's nature—and as for Cash, he would hunt gold as long as he could carry pick and pan.

    Cabin Fever | B. M. Bower

British Dictionary definitions for wide-awake


adjective(wide awake when postpositive)
  1. fully awake

  2. keen, alert, or observant

  1. Also called: wide-awake hat a hat with a low crown and very wide brim

Derived forms of wide-awake

  • wide-awakeness, noun

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Other Idioms and Phrases with wide-awake


Fully awake; also, very alert. For example, He lay there, wide awake, unable to sleep, or She was wide awake to all the possibilities. The wide in this idiom alludes to the eyes being wide open. [Early 1800s]

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