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[ wid-ohd ]


  1. having lost one’s spouse to death:

    The author has created a believably deluded narrator, a popular high school senior who plays football and lives with his widowed father.


  1. Usually the widowed. a person or persons who have lost a spouse to death:

    How do we offer strength and support to the aging, the widowed, the displaced, and others whose lives have been disrupted?


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of widow.

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  • un·wid·owed adjective

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Example Sentences

It was only this month, for example, that the last widow of a Civil War soldier died.

Lewin, the Illinois pawnbroker, told me about a widow in her 70s who has been coming to him every month for years, getting a $200 or $300 loan on a nice piece of jewelry to tide her over before her next Social Security check comes in.

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Here’s royalty in the presence of Edith Royal, the widow of iconic coach Darrell Royal.

In this sad and funny memoir, she shares the experience of mothering her son as a new widow.

Sahar’s new husband was a widow and sought a second wife who would raise his three children and take care of domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking.

As many as one-sixth of the genocide survivors were widowed.

Twice widowed by kings and betrothed to a third, her dream is well on its way to becoming reality.

The killing of a widowed mother of 10 has been hanging over Gerry Adams for 40 years.

Marriage for example was shown to lead to a longer life, compared to being widowed or divorced.

He was making the trip to visit his recently widowed mother.

One of her humours was to unite the son of her minister, with a niece of the widowed Queen of Saint Germain's.

He explained that he was the only son of a widowed mother, but even his great love for her could not check him.

This family now consists of the widowed mother, five sons, (of whom Asaad is the third) and two or three daughters.

Some of these were single ladies; others had been widowed, either by death or request.

Over this vision a shadow came, and I saw the house-place at the Hanyards, with our widowed Kate alone in her sorrow.


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