[ wig ]
/ wɪg /


verb (used with object), wigged, wig·ging.

to furnish with a wig.
British Informal. to reprimand or reprove severely; scold.

Verb Phrases

wig out, Slang.
  1. to be intoxicated with narcotic drugs.
  2. to make or become wildly excited or enthusiastic: She wigs out over every rock star that comes along.

Idioms for wig

    flip one's wig, Slang. lid (def. 8).

Origin of wig

First recorded in 1665–75; short for periwig


wigless, adjectivewiglike, adjectiveun·wig, verb (used with object), un·wigged, un·wig·ging.
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/ (wɪɡ) /


an artificial head of hair, either human or synthetic, worn to disguise baldness, as part of a theatrical or ceremonial dress, as a disguise, or for adornment

verb wigs, wigging or wigged (tr)

obsolete to furnish with a wig
British slang to berate severely
See also wig out

Derived forms of wig

wigged, adjectivewigless, adjectivewiglike, adjective

Word Origin for wig

C17: shortened from periwig

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